Vision And Mission

We strongly believe in our philosophy that a healthy nation in zero-needs of medical treatment can be realized in the future. This is the time when men maintain health and fitness through their daily diet. “Prevention against Treatment” has always become the motto of Prof. Yew Chian Haw. To achieve his vision, a diverse range of  healthy and delicious dishes, enabling the to regenerate their boy whilst enjoying meals everyday. All in all Yew Chian Haw vision is : “To strengthen and maintain the United Nations. We believe today’s success is a new beginning for tomorrow. We firmly believe in the philosophy that a healthy country in the zero need for medical care can be realized in the future”.

Company History

– In the world of advertising, the importance of corporate branding has been shown through several cases of success. A snappy slogan not only could win people’s attention at first glance, it is instilled into the consumers’ mind and grows together with your business; at the same time, strengthening your company’s image and branding.

– Yew Chian Haw knows exactly how branding works and its capabilities in bringing up his business. For three times his trade name has been improvised to reach the stage  of  perfection.

– In 1985, when Yew began to develop his business,  he  used  his  last   name “Haw” as the trade name for his first established company. “Haw” literally means ‘good’ in Mandarin, which perfectly represents the good quality present in the functional food. However, Yew Chian Haw changed the trade name to “Chian Haw” after realizing the weak impact of a single trade name. “Chian Haw” means building a state of good quality.

– In line with the establishment of Yew Chian Haw (M) Sdn. Bhd. in 1991, Yew kicked off the second stage of development ambitiously with a new vision – to expand his business. Focused in inventing more Chinese herbal functional food, Yew no longer manufactures miscellaneous food for his vision is to become a professional in the field of functional food. Having its direction and aim fixed, the company expanded aggressively in the local and foreign business arena.

– Three branches have been successively set up in Melaka, Kuala Lumpur and Johor Bahru. Following that, Yew Chian Haw products transcend from local boundaries to Singapore  (1992), Hong Kong (1993), Indonesia (1993), Taiwan and China (1994) as well as Chinatowns in the five Continents (America, Europe, Africa, Asia and Pacific).

– After several years of sheer perseverance, efforts finally paid off. Yew has successfully built an international reputation and branding for his products. Today, you may walk into any of the local department stores or international retail chain stores to easily locate the products of Yew Chian Haw. In 1998, Yew Chian Haw factory, which received Good Manufacturing Practice (GMP) certification, has been established as the workshop for herbal food manufacturing and processing

Company Background

– In 2003, it will be 17 years. The company has gone through two stage of development during this period. Stage one is the days between 1986 to 1991, where its major products consist of various packaging food. Stage two started off from 1991 until today, where Yew Chian Haw Sdn Bhd has become one of the world-leading Chinese herbal functional food manufacturer. On 16 August 1998, the opening ceremony is hosted by our Malaysia’s Minister of Health, Dato’ Chua Jui Meng. Chinese Herbal Functional food which include soup; tea; medicine in the form of pills, powder and fluid; as well as a variety of healthcare drinks. Our products span across twelve countries and are particularly favoured in countries like Singapore and Malaysia. All our products are openly sold in every local supermarket, be it large or small. GMP is set of principles and procedures specially formulated for manufacturer of therapeutic goods to ensure the products reach the required quality standards. Malaysia, Taiwan, Singapore, Indonesia, China and five continents (America, Europe, Africa, Asia and Pacific).

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