YCH Herbs 2等正紋黨參袋裝 (500克) Dang Shen Grade 2 (500g Pack) Codonopsis Pilosula (2 years shelf life) HALAL


RM53.35 RM55.00

Weight/Berat / 重量:  500 gm

Life Span / Tempoh Hayat / 保质期: 2 years / 2 tahun / 2 年

Storage Method / Cara Penyimpanan / 储存方式:  Keep in the crisper of the refrigerator / Simpan di bahagian bawah peti sejuk / 放入冰箱储物盒

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    Dang Shen Grade 2

    Codonopsis Pilosula

    Weight 0.5 kg


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